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Festivals in Latvia

Festivals in Latvia

Riga Opera Festival

Riga Opera Festival laid the foundation to public music concerts in Latvia almost three decades ago. Since then, it is a part of the country’s tradition that is held high and organised every year to encourage and promote Latvian singers and musicians to the rest of the world. The opera is arranged in the capital city, Riga, annually where thousands of Latvians and international melophiles gather in millions to celebrate the art of music. This year, the popular production The Flying Dutchman is going to be featured on one of the days.

Midsummer Festival

It is one of the most joyous Latvia food festivals that the people of Latvia organise in order to celebrate the summer solstice. The Baltic country sees summer and sunshine only for a few months and thus the natives get together to commemorate the occasion by getting together in the open fields and exchanging food. As per tradition, on this major Latvia festivals, Latvians build a bonfire and have an entertaining day around it. Beautiful flowers are turned to wreaths and are left afloat in the streams. Some of the traditional and classic dishes such as pies are available all across the town during the Midsummer Days which is called as Joni in the local language.

Cesis Castle Medieval Fair

Latvians are proud of their history and culture and are not afraid to show it. One of the coolest Latvia cultural festivals is the Cesis Castle Medieval Fair. It is on one day of the year when the natives do their traditional and medieval clothes and live a day in the middle ages. The Cesis Castle is a beautiful castle located just an hour ride away from the capital, Riga. The sprawling castle lawns, gardens, dungeons and the museum are open for tourists, visitors and participants on this day where people have loads of fun reminiscing the medieval days. There is food, art and dance in the premises where one can either sit back and watch or participate in. The doors of the famous Saint John Church is open for all during the fair.